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tattoo artist blob forstudio

Our Story

Built by creatives, for creatives 

After a collective decade in the technology industry, Arnold and Mark started FORSTUDIO as tattoo enthusiast. We recognized a growing need for tools and teams to help an underserved market.  Today we aim to work with and help develop the best tattoo artist so that they can continue to thrive.

Unlock your studio's full potiential

Tattoo Studio
tattoo artist blob forstudio


Our mission is to see every tattoo artist thrive. We want you to tell your story, show your work, book more appointments, sell more services, and build the career of your dreams. 

tattoo artist blob forstudio


To empower tattoo artists worldwide, fostering their growth, creativity, and success. Through innovative platforms and unwavering support, we envision a thriving community where every artist can boldly tell their story, showcase their artistry, expand their clientele, and fulfill their aspirations, forging a path towards the realization of their dream careers.

Casual Meeting
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Get access to marketing and sales strategizes to help you grow your studio.

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